Quiet isn’t really a characteristic of mine, it’s an aspiration, so here I am putting fingers to keyboard to try to make some sense of my life. Quietly.

I’ve been learning how to cook ever since I moved, and I just made possibly my first ever comfort food: tuna casserole. I seriously did this whole cooking shit backwards — started with Vietnamese and Indian, backtracked to casserole. Whatever, it was totally great and the Boy is going to be happy as hell when he gets home. I think he was starting to lose hope that he’d ever live with a woman who’d occasionally cook a normal meal.

I’m absolutely crazy busy this month with not one but TWO editing projects, a mess I got myself into out of ambitious enthusiasm for the sweet TV we’re now getting in order to enjoy the lovely Xbox/Kinect we got from my parents for Christmas. And with all the ambivalence I feel toward television, it isn’t like I haven’t been secretly hoping for an excuse to park in front of a massive set and watch Battlestar Galactica all day. And after this month I will fucking deserve it. And I think the Boy is going to be equally happy to say goodbye to January after being on cooking duty for a month straight, since I don’t have any time. Except for the casserole. And…writing this post right now.

Back to work. Welcome to my life, WordPress.


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