The idea that has officially made me laugh the most times today is that of Jay Cutler fumbling his own head. Sometimes my brain sees things that make me wish I was any sort of visual artist. Wouldn’t hurt the ol’ t-shirt biz, either. Which, uh, doesn’t exist. Yet.

The Boy is out of town on a fishing trip, and this girl has a hot date with a bottle of wine, a bowl, a dust rag, and some bookshelves — something I’m truly, honestly, looking forward to. I live for rearranging my bookshelves. Oh, and maybe Star Wars in the background. It’s been awhile since I’ve reorganized my shelves to Star Wars instead of the old standby, the BBC. My dad told me this morning that I’m easily amused. Wonder where he gets a funny idea like that? Well, if he’s interested, I have a much funnier idea I could share with him.


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