I get kind of a kick out of coming across something at a very temporary moment, knowing that few other people than myself will witness something before it changes. The snow just after it falls and just before it gets trampled by dogs and children, for instance. The anatomically correct snowman with blonde curly hair and a tutu made of leaves outside my apartment (true story) before it gets trampled by, um, anyone, for another. (There are a lot of winter references here.) So imagine my surprise when I come across a serious case of Latin placeholdingism on Science magazine’s website:

Part of me feels a little bad making fun. But the other part of me remembers their “welcoming package”, which was really just an avenue for AAA to try charading me into believing I wanted to sign up just because they made it so easy for me by processing my application before I even decided if I wanted to send it in or not (I don’t). But, the first part of me really, really loves their magazine. So thank you, Science, for the joy you bring me, even if it is occasionally (OK, rarely) at your expense.

On the other hand, now you know that I have something bookmarked containing the word “Puppy” and that I’m too lazy to find my own way into Wikipedia, so uh, there’s that. And that I work with a lot of admins? Pardon me while I go update my bookmarks.


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