So, apparently this interesting fact has somehow escaped my calendar:

Save the date! RETURN OF CHRIST May 21, 2011

Looks like I'm making plans for May 22nd.

Directly from the mission statement on their site is the following:

This website has been developed by God’s grace, through the efforts of a small group of believers not affiliated with any organization. The individuals behind the scenes are of no importance.

Really. Could that be…perhaps…that you’re insane? I mean, to a greater degree than the organizations you aren’t affiliated with that perpetuates the general religion insanity keeping the human race from [insert clichĂ© phrase here] reaching its full potential? (I’m not completely ready to articulate my personal manifesto yet — when I do, it will be when I’ve learned to keep the anger and emotion out of it — but that is the heart of what I believe to be true about humanity.)

Honestly though, I’m making plans for May 22nd. And while I’m at it, October 22nd, too. And I’m getting a job here.

I just hope that these people are keeping their receipts, juuuust in case we’re all still around come tax time. Anyway, I’m pretty sure the IRS will withstand even the apocalypse.


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